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About Us

The Breakfast Cereal Information Service is part of the Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers (ACFM), which represents all major manufacturers of breakfast cereal products in the UK.

The primary purpose of the ACFM is to act on behalf of its members as a central medium of communication with UK Government, political institutions at a European level through CEEREAL, any trade, regulatory or enforcement bodies and other public/private bodies, where appropriate. In this role ACFM provides advice and information to these bodies and to Association member companies.

ACFM is a member of the European Breakfast Cereal Association (CEEREAL) and also a full member of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

The ACFM's Breakfast Cereal Information Service (BCIS) has been set up to provide easily accessible information on the breakfast cereal industry. The BCIS aims to respond to media enquiries on behalf of the breakfast cereal industry, to contact us please go to

Make time for breakfast

Breakfast PledgeThe Breakfast is Best campaign – a multi-stakeholder science-based campaign involving Europe's teachers, dieticians, doctors and CEEREAL – has launched the "Make Time for Breakfast Pledge", calling on Europe to do more to encourage its citizens to have breakfast every day, and aims to get to 1000 signatures by the end of the year. Your support is invaluable in reaching this goal: join more than 200 key European influencers who have already expressed public support for the campaign, and sign the pledge today.

To sign the pledge please go to:
For further information on the "Breakfast is Best Campaign" please go to:

Who Are Our Members?

The ACFM represents a diverse range of the UK's leading cereal manufacturers, including Cereal Partners, Dailycer, Dorset Cereals, Jordans Ryvita, Kellogg's, Morning Foods, Quaker and Weetabix.

History of Cereals

The breakfast cereals we eat today have grown from a health movement that started nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. Cereal gruels were consumed by the ancient Greeks and Samuel Johnson noted in 1775 that oatmeal porridge sustained the population in Scotland.

Modern breakfast cereals were developed in the late 19th century by champions of the Food Reform movement, such as Kellogg, Graham and Bircher- Benner. Their aim was to produce healthy and nutritious cereal based breakfast foods, which are still eaten today, such as cornflakes, granola and muesli.

Today cereal is considered a great way to start the day for you and your family, helping kick-start the body for the day ahead and for peak physical and mental performance. At the Breakfast Cereal Information Service in the UK we aim to provide information on breakfast cereals and the breakfast cereal industry.